The Connected Decade:

A Look at Consumer Demand for Interconnectivity over the Next 10 Years through Assurant's Research & Innovation Project

The Pandemic Kicked Tech Adoption into High Gear.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the way consumers interact, especially online. Working, learning and connecting from home became the norm as people around the world sheltered in place. Unsurprisingly, that led to the increased adoption of smart products that help us connect to each other. And it turns out that, once consumers adopt a smart product, they have a much more positive outlook on smart technology overall.

The increased familiarity with connected technology that was driven by COVID-19 has opened up new market segments that were lagging in adoption pre-pandemic and laid the foundation for consumers to expand into new smart product categories they hadn't considered before. At Assurant, we're using these insights to help you win business and connect to consumers around the world.

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of global consumers bought at least one new smart product this year
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jump in positive sentiment around evolving smart technology
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more time was spent on connected devices this year than last
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YOY increase in consumer demand for tech support across products

The Connected Decade in One Chart

For the first time in Assurant's 6 years of researching connected consumer behaviors, the majority of people across every generation in almost every country surveyed have a positive view of connected technology. It’s no surprise digital natives — Millennials and Gen Z consumers — like connected technology. That’s long been the case. But this year, when asked if connected consumer technologies have made things better or worse, every other generations agrees with their younger counterparts; they say technology is improving their lives.

More Connected Decade Insights from Assurant

Lower latency, increased data capacity, automation and truly intelligent technology will create virtually endless possibilities for connected consumers in the next decade. ‘Smart cities’ are now within reach. Real interoperability between smart homes, cars and mobile devices will be solidified. And enterprise applications for industry-specific advancements are expected to be enormous. Throughout the next 10 years, Assurant will be analyzing and sharing insights into connected consumer buying behaviors around the world. The Connected Decade research is designed to provide actionable insights that help us work together to enhance existing programs and create new programs that meet your consumers' needs during this evolution. Our study spans seven countries, surveying participants who represent shifting consumer attitudes across the United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. Consumer sentiments outlined in the study reveal substantial opportunities for connected living companies. 

The New Connected World

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked technology adoption into high gear and, for the first time, all generations are in agreement when it comes to their tech outlook.

The 5G Race: Will Your Program Medal?

The wireless providers that can optimize customer data, build loyal relationships within the connected product ecosystem, and provide compelling trade-in and upgrade offers will be far more competitive as we move through the Connected Decade.

Connectivity is King for Renters

As working, learning and connecting from home increases in priority, the case for making smart amenities a priority in rental property upgrades is stronger than ever.

The People are Unanimous: Tech is Improving Life

For the first time in Assurant’s 6 years of conducting this study, the majority of all generations in nearly every country surveyed have a positive view of connected technology.

Connected Tech Use is at an All-Time High

While the numbers for connected product use are up 50% in the U.S., frustration rose in a similar arc. More than 46% of U.S. consumers say they’ve had challenges with their smart tech — a 35% increase from 2019.

Electric Vehicles are Taking the Global Stage

The electric vehicle (EV) market is gaining a lot of attention. Yet, EVs made up only 3% of global car sales last year. It may not seem like much, but that's a 40% increase from the previous year. Here is why the market is poised for growth.

Insights from 2020: The Beginning of the Connected Decade

5G’s Evolution in the Connected Decade

5G will be a game-changer, but carriers are likely to see modest  5G adoption rather  than an all-out wave.  Trade-in offers will play a critical role in overcoming the price barrier to entry.

Connected Trends Around the World

It’s critical for companies to tailor product & service offerings based on local needs, establishing the right levels of support that help consumers feel confident in new smart purchases. 

De-Risking Connected Product Purchases

How can you help consumers become more comfortable with a smart ecosystem? Start by making their connected purchases less risky. There are a few good ways to do that.


The Most Influential Connected Device Demographic

Nearly a quarter (22%) of the connected product market share can be attributed to Technophiles. But they account for only 6% of U.S. consumers. How do you attract these influential consumers?

Dad seating on the couch with his kids, all three playing on electronic devices

Why Utilitarians Like Simple, Stress-Free Connected Device Control

This demographic buys 23% of connected products. They want home automation products like smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart plugs and a hub to control all their devices. Know what else they want?

At the Heart of the Connected Ecosystem:

Enabling Interoperability

Mobile devices sit in the center of the connected ecosystem, enabling smart products to connect to each other. But 33% of consumers don’t know how to connect their products to WiFi. You can help.

The Home Protector:

Helping Them Find Comfort in a Connected World

Home protectors account for 12% of all connected consumers and 19% of technology purchases. Here’s why that matters.

Woman relaxing on a chair and looking at her phone screen

How to Take Technophobes from Analog to Digital

Technophobes are happy to remain analog in a digital world. But they feel pressured to adopt connected technology. Although they may own just one connected device, 67% of this group view technology favorably. What would make them buy?

The Domino Effect of Connected Products:

Why the First Purchase is the Most Important Part of the Smart Ecosystem

Consumers are relying more than ever on connected products that enable them to work from home, attend school online and maintain connections with friends and family. And yet they hesitate to fully adopt connected technology. Here’s why.

Connecting Leisure Seekers to their Smart Home Entertainment Devices

Leisure seekers each own an average of five devices. That’s roughly 25% of all connected products in the U.S. What do you know about your Leisure Seekers

What To Know About Today's Connected Consumers

Connected consumers share common product frustrations and concerns about cyber safety. The spotlight is on you to ease their worries.

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