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Q1 2023 Mobile Trade-in and Upgrade Industry Trends Report

Trade-in and upgrade programs are a vital piece of the buying process, especially during economic uncertainty when consumers are more reluctant to open up their wallets.

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4 Innovation Trends to Attract and Retain Qualified Residents

From bundling renters insurance to prioritizing digital experiences for renters, here are four innovation trends sweeping the multifamily industry that you need to consider to attract and retain qualified residents.

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Managing Property Risk: the Right Solutions Make All the Difference

Ryan Lumsden, Assurant’s president of multifamily housing, joined a recent Multi-Housing News webinar to discuss the most important strategies to limit your exposure to risk. Below you’ll find a summary of the helpful insights he shared.

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Sustainability and Smart Homes: Supporting Eco-Friendly Consumers and Businesses

Refurbished devices and sustainable tech are in demand for consumers and businesses.

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Earth Day: How it started. How it’s going.

53 years after the birth of Earth Day, over 1 billion people across 193 countries not only recognize but actively engage in activities in support of Earth Day. And though so much has been accomplished, there is still more to do.

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The Effects of Industry Changes on Dealership Profitability

Where is dealer profitability headed in 2023? EVP, President of Global Automotive, Martin Jenns and and auto industry expert, Steve Greenfield discuss how the EV market will affect dealers, and the future of auto connectivity in a recent video podcast.

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Drive Occupancy and Reduce Bad Debt With Deposit Alternatives

Your residents don't need to put down a security deposit to keep your property protected. Learn more about how security deposit alternatives can provide key options to residents.

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Debt Recovery: Finding a Partner to Fit Your Needs

Finding a debt recovery solution that protects your property while keeping your reputation intact is critical. Find a resident-friendly program that suits your property today.

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Consumers Enjoy Record-breaking Year for Mobile Trade-ins

Annual Mobile Trade-in and Upgrade Industry Trends report, saw a record-breaking amount of money returned to customers from mobile trade-in programs.

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