The lifestyles of today’s car buyers are more varied than ever before, and each visits the dealership with their own unique vehicle protection needs — and higher expectations. That’s why we designed the new Assurant Vehicle Care ancillary products to be wide-ranging and flexible, giving dealers more opportunity to meet those needs where it makes sense for their customers. Standalone tire and wheel, paintless dent repair, windshield protection, and key replacement, as well as a tailorable bundled protection option, all provide more product coverage and price options for the dealer to offer. And that means more chances to build real personalization, value, and trust into the presentation.

We designed the new Assurant Vehicle Care ancillary protection to be wide-ranging and flexible, giving dealers more opportunity to meet those needs where it makes sense for their customers.

More coverage and more price options — even for highline vehicles

Assurant Vehicle Care isn’t just more flexible. It offers expanded coverage with more options and fewer mileage restrictions, giving dealers more opportunities to provide a worry-free ownership experience — for up to 200,000 miles.

For customers interested in highline vehicles or high-performance wheel options and who are passionate about the appearance of their vehicle, a premium tire and wheel option adds cosmetic repair or replacement to maintain appearance and performance of rims. For those who are more budget or safety minded, repair options are available with additional benefits like 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and transportation reimbursement, adding even more convenience and peace of mind for their customer.

Bundled protection: more coverage for less

Customers have different lifestyles, driving habits, and budgets. Bundled protection lets you offer them a broad range of road hazard protection for less cost. This includes a combined four-in-one product, providing a wider range of protection with standard or premium protection levels, giving more choice to every customer and more ways to enhance the ownership experience.

Assurant Vehicle Care’s bundled protection lets you offer a broad range of road hazard protection for less cost.


Expanded deductible options: building ancillary costs into the deal structure

Assurant Vehicle Care features expanded deductible options, allowing dealers to further tailor products to a wider range of budgets and deal structures. Customers who take on deductibles can lower their cost while still seeing the value of protecting against expensive repairs. This not only helps lay the groundwork for future service revenue, but also helps maintain customer relationships over the lifecycle of the vehicle, creating more loyalty and repeat business.

More eligibility. More approvals. More performance at your dealership. 

Assurant Vehicle Care is designed to maximize performance for both customers and dealers. It’s a simpler contract with more eligibility, so you don’t just get more efficient ratings — you also get more potential lender approvals and improved attachment, along with a better customer experience. Plus, profit participation is available on all ancillary protection products with all available participation models. More flexibility all around gives dealers powerful tools to meet the customer where they are while driving overall dealership performance. 

Want to learn more about Assurant Vehicle Care Ancillary Road Hazard Protection? Discover how this game-changing product line can meet shifting customer needs with tailored coverage designed to build more value in your F&I — and help drive revenue at your dealership.