Today’s digitally savvy car buyers demand a highly personalized customer experience that’s tailored to their unique needs, budget, and driving style.

Dealers that get to know each customer and meet their needs on an individual basis can build more value into their products and increase attachment. This ebook is designed to provide the timely data and insights dealers need to create a more effective, needs-based sales communication strategy. So, they can deliver an optimized customer experience with high customer satisfaction and attachment along with more loyalty and repeat business in the future.

In this eBook you’ll discover:

  • How to build highly personalized, needs-based F&I sales presentations
  • Common customer perceptions and misperceptions around F&I products
  • Why customers choose to purchase — or not purchase — F&I products
  • How generational differences affect F&I attachment rates
  • How inflation and supply chain constraints affect demand for F&I products