Digital Retailing Solutions

Optimize F&I Sales with an Omnichannel Strategy

Digital Retailing Inside the Overall Dealership Experience

With 92% of car buyers more likely to purchase an F&I product at the dealership if they can learn about it online first, blending the online and offline customer experience is now an imperative for increasing dealership PVR and net profitability. At Assurant, we’re continually researching digital retailing trends in the auto industry and leveraging expertise across the customer experience to help our partners optimize F&I sales and performance management strategies. Through this process, we’ve developed a comprehensive, research-based approach to optimizing auto digital retailing using your existing processes, technology and team to deliver a successful dealership experience no matter where you are in building your digital journey.


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Assess where you're at

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Plan for the future

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Train your team

Digital Document

Capture online customers

How Assurant Helps Each Step of Your Digital Retailing Evolution

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Assess Where You're At

Tools provided:  Quick start self-guided dealership analysis

Why it's important: Provides an informed, data-driven foundation to build from 

How to use: Analyze existing technology, processes and performance with an eye toward how they're enabling consumer research, online shopping, the test drive, the transition to F&I, needs assessment, the F&I presentation and post-sale opportunities.

Main benefits: clear understanding of high- and low-performance areas, deep understanding of digital impact on consumer attach rates

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Plan for the Future

Tools provided: F&I Digital Success Builder 

Why it's important: Provides exclusive access to nationwide consumer research, purchase paths and personalization opportunities

How to use: Build your plan to evolve digital retailing at your dealership with the online Assurant F&I Digital Success Builder. This easy-to-use, online tool guides you through the process of assessing your existing digital retailing approach, understanding which customer tactics are most effective and maturing digital sales through personalization - and it includes templates for digital engagement. 

Main benefits: Deeper insight into consumer mindset, research-based recommendations for optimizing your strategy

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Train Your Team

Tools provided: Digital Blueprint in-dealership training from the Automotive Training Academy by Assurant

Why it's important: Helps instill a go-forward, holistic, omnichannel culture that understands the roles, responsibilities and keys to successful application

How to use: Learn how each member of the sales and F&I teams contribute to a seamless buying experience for your consumers. Give sales consultants, managers and the F&I team the knowledge the need to be successful, including sharing digital data, virtual test drive best practices, online delivery of F&I presentation and post-sale opportunities.

Main benefits: Increased overall sales, more profitability, higher CSI, higher attachment rates of protection products.

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Capture More Online Customers

Tools provided: A comprehensive library of digital marketing materials, including product videos in English and Spanish, content, interactive brochures, digital templates and more

Why it's important: Builds trust and delivers on customer expectations. 92% of consumers are more likely to buy an F&I product if they can learn about it online first

How to use: Help your customers more quickly identify the value of F&I with robust marketing materials that emphasize the importance of protecting each consumer's lifestyle and driving habits. Give your entire team access to a library of needs-based digital marketing materials to were created to help you sell Assurant’s F&I products.

Main benefits: Measurable online data for consumers, increased attach rates, less cost and time spent creating marketing materials using your dealership's resources

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